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The history of AIRPROFIL began in 1998, when the EAC (Etudes Air Comprimé) was created, its initial mission was to offer specific compressed air audits. 

From the first year of its creation, EAC invested in flowmeters, power analyzers and other measurement equipment that would enable its mission to be carried out perfectly. The measurement campaigns quickly developed to cover other Utilities like chilled water, steam, hot water, industrial vacuum and water circuit for fire protection systems, which are more specific to liquid fuel storage.

In 2002, EAC created the AIRPROFIL brand in order to promote its products  designed and  manufactured in France: Venturi tubes, double Pitot tubes, diaphragms, support collars, portable electronics (still under current development).

Specializing in the optimization of industrial fluids installations (production, distribution, usage), EAC has carried out more than 2,000 energy audits and measurement campaigns across Europe and Africa.

EAC’s customers are mainly large industrial manufacturers such as cement, paper, glass, foundries and food factories. In particular, EAC has carried out audits at EDF, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Air Liquide, Groupe Total, Lafarge, Saint-Gobain, Manucor and Rio Tinto.

AIRPROFIL offers a variety of services:

  • Compressed air quality measurements
  • Instrumented and non-instrumented studies
  • Leak detection campaigns
  • Energies/Fluids Usage Audit
  • Network surveys
  • Performing pressurized connections

AIRPROFIL runs specific training courses in industrial fluids. Since 2019 and until the start of lockdown in France, François BOUTEILLE, manager and main trainer of AirProfil, followed an interesting apprenticeship as a subcontractor in various Training Centers.

Some of these training courses were: “Steam accreditation”, “Steam recycling”, “Awareness regarding refrigeration Ammonia risks”, “Industrial refrigeration”, “Heating and air conditioning”, “Mechanical and fluidic consignment” and “Steam valve” internship.

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