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A pathway is a transformational process that leads you to reduce your long-term emissions and ensure sustainable development.  

Planet Decarb ambitions to become your Partner in your Decabonization Path. This will require carrying out inventories, setting up (reasonable) targets, elaborating a Strategy, and drawing a Roadmap.

Now let’s walk the talk !

Planet Decarb experts propose the following process :

  • For multi-sites Organizations, a macroscopic benchmarking to generate KPI’s for internal/external comparison – most often SECs (Specific Energy Consumption) figures are calculated. This benchmark will cover your plants, products in each plant, but may also cover specific flooshop sections in given plants;
  • The assessment of your energy profile and carbon footprint at a “macro level” and if required at a plant or plant zone level; different Scopes will be covered;
  • Definition of a Strategy for Decarbonization taking into account Corporate Policies and local and regional Regulations
  • A Strategic Zero-CO2 Roadmap – with clear (and reasonable) Carbon footprint targets, priorities and timelines for Decarbonization
  • The Decarbonization methodology at the multi-site level (assessment, multisite equipment inventory, preliminary costing if applicable) and a deployment Strategy for the Roadmap.

At the site level, we conduct the following:

  • At the site level: the identification of the influencing factors of your energy consumption, as well as the establishment of your baseline consumption;
  • The elaboration and facilitation of Energy Workshops, with the active participation of your staff, in order to identify and quantify your energy savings and the investments required to achieve them;
  • Reducing your energy consumption, through energy saving actions identified during the Workshops and the deployment of the solutions;
  • The production and supply of renewable energy ;
  • The potential adaptation of Utilities and Processes (mainly for heating) to carbon-free energies;
  • The digitalization of energy consumption monitoring; if necessary, a measurement plan will be drawn with the list of the required metering instrumentation to deploy the designed architecture;
  • Monitoring of your consumption and your carbon footprint.

To  support your Teams and ensure that the equipment is maintained and operated in an optimal fashion, we offer the following Services:

  • A “Hotline” service for Energy Management, providing answers and advice on operating problems, design, sizing, drafting Specifications for purchasing, equipment supply, commissioning and maintenance;
  • The training of your staff responsible for Maintenance and Energy Management on your sites: of variable duration (1 to 4 days depending on your equipment), these training modules (for engineers and technicians) cover all of the energy consumer equipment on your sites. We also propose Coaching and Mentoring for Energy Managers, and we facilitate interactive Workshops for Energy Managers and Project Engineer teams from different sites;
  • On-site diagnosis and troubleshooting of your equipment (utilities like heat exchangers, boilers, cooling equipment, heat pumps, energy intensive processes..). Most of the time, Manufacturing Staff overlook the importance of running an equipment with recommended operating parameters. Tuning equipment can therefore lead to substantial energy gains.
  • Remote diagnostics of these Utilities, defined and analyzed by our experts – to enable an optimized operation of your Utilities (compressed air, refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, etc.