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About us

Planet Decarb is your Global Decarbonization Platform.

We aim at creating links and fostering synergies between the Decarbonization stakeholders. We also help you promote your solutions to accelerate Decarbonization.

Planet Decarb is a Consulting Company based in Lyon, France. 

We bring more than 30 year’s senior experience in Energy Systems. We provide Consulting services for Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization, Technology development reports, Advanced Energy Management Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Hotline services for Energy & Maintenance Managers, organization and facilitation of Energy Efficiency Workshops, or ad hoc research reporting.

Our worldwide recognized experts authored hundreds of technical reports, peer-reviewed scientific and technical papers, and have hands-on experience in industrial sites (with processes as well as transverse utilities), but also in Academia and R&D Labs in over 30 countries on four continents. 

Our methodology is better explained in our Consulting Services page.

Our Knowledge platform enables you and your teams to learn more about the Decarbonization challenges. Planet Decarb also offers you the opportunity to share your scientific and technical knowledge and enable capacity building on a global basis. Please feel free to contribute by submitting news of your research, product development, technical, scientific or promotional events. As a debate is always enlightening, we urge you to be active in our Forums.

Our Download Center contains technical resources  gathered by professionals from Industry, Academia, and Institutions. Knowledge from “for Dummies” to latest, cutting-edge technology reports will be available to help you in your Decarbonization Path. These resources are available when you sign up with us. We also count on you to send us material to post here and share with the Planet Decarb Community.

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Dr. Ahmed BENSAFI 

PhD (Univ. Leeds), M. Eng. (Stevens Tech.), BS (Algerian Petroleum Institue & IGT)

CEO & Founder

Ahmed BENSAFI graduated in 1980 from the joint LNG Engineering Program set up by the Algerian Petroleum Institute (IAP Boumerdes) with the Institute of Gas Technology (Chicago, Illinois). After a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering at the Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken, N.J), he joined the IAP-Sonatrach Institute as a teacher. In 1991, Ahmed started research work under the supervision of the late Professor G. HASELDEN at the University of Leeds. His PhD research work about Power Savings with the use of refrigerant mixutres was rewarded with the Ted Perry Memorial Award by the UK Institute of Refrigeration.

Ahmed then spent 16 years at the CETIAT (Villeurbanne, France) R&D Lab and worked on numerous projects related to energy, thermodynamics and heat transfer.

While at CETIAT, he was also appointed as Associate Director for the french Research Center (CNRS) at the CETHIL (Lyon) joint Lab, where he supervised Master & Doctoral research work for three years.

In 2010, Ahmed joined Schneider Electric to work specifically on Energy Efficiency. He visited over 80 industrial sites covering office buildings, retail stores and energy-intensive industrial and manufacturing sites in over 30 countries.

Ahmed founded Planet Decarb in July 2021.